Prompt 2: 3-day weekend!

Who doesn’t love a 3-day weekend? And with a forecast of snow late Saturday/Sunday, this weekend could be extra fun! Also, MLK Day is Monday, and many people celebrate that day in a variety of ways, whether it’s through “a day of service” or attending a memorial event.

Whatever your doing this weekend, capture some highlights that explains an aspect of your weekend in 4-5 photos! Snow photos (if it happens) will especially be cool, and may be used in the upcoming Roar magazine. Here are the guidelines:

  • Include at least two medium shots showcasing action, drama, expression and/or unusualness
  • Include at least one long shot that sets the environment for what you are shooting
  • Include at least one close-up shot that displays detail

If you need a refresher on the different types of shots, check out the PPT on Canvas or re-watch Wednesday’s class.

Post your photos on the blog and be sure to include a caption with each photo. Your post should be completed by 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Have a great weekend!

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