A Life of Golf and Music

College life can be difficult, and when you add in sports and majors that demands hours of practice for perfection, it becomes a lot harder. For Michael Clardy, a music major at Piedmont College, balancing between golf and music has been a lifestyle for him in his college years. Clardy puts in long days on the golf course followed by music practice in the late evenings with high hopes of achieving his dreams in either department.

  1. Michael Clardy plays a key role on the Piedmont Golf team.  He has recently been ranked 12th among all division III golfers in the nation.  He spends long hours on the golf course honing his skills.
  2. Included in Clardy’s practice is playing nine holes on the course.  He usually grabs a cart with a big smile because he knows he’s about ready to start practice for the day.  
  3. Chipping is an essential skill in the game of golf and one that Clardy practices a lot.  Clardy is well-known on the Piedmont golf team for making the most chips when he plays. 
  4. Clardy usually plays with his teammates rather than practicing by himself.  His teammates push him to get better and they also help “tend” the pins when Clardy is putting.
  5. When practice is over, Clardy heads to the Piedmont Conservatory where he starts practicing his music skills.  Here he is seen playing his favorite and best instrument, the marimba.  
  6. Clardy is unique among his peers in the music department because he is the only student who can play the marimba.  He is very focused when he practices since teachers rely solely on him to perform on the marimba.
  7. As a percussionist, Clardy also plays the timpani drums.  Here is seen practicing the timpani drums for his performance in front of judges during his jury music finals.
  8. With long days on the golf course and countless hours in the music rooms, Michael Clardy has had enough by the time the day ends.  When finished playing, he rests his sticks on the instruments so they are ready to go for the next day’s practice.

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