Prompt 8: Spring Break!

Prompt 8: Spring Break!

You made it to Spring Break! 

Whether you’re going to the beach, working, sleeping all week or staying on campus for sports, take some photos that showcases your spring break, or at least an aspect of your spring break.

Use your phone for this prompt. Photos should be well-composed and of publishable quality. You can write individual cutlines or one general cutline (if that seems more appropriate) that starts with the phrase, “I spent my spring break …”

This assignment is due before our class meeting on Monday, March 13.

Pal Games

The annual Pal Games that take place at Piedmont University. This is an opportunity for Piedmont students to play sports with local children.
Piedmont freshman Zach Oechsle letting his friends lead the way through the pal games. Oeschsle is a freshman basketball player at Piedmont.
Piedmont senior Andrew Stimpson watching his pal play basketball. Stimpson, bottom right corner, is a senior men’s basketball player at Piedmont.

PAL Day!

Leo the lion greets many Fairview students during the PAL games at Piedmont University on March 24, 2023. The kids were very excited and gathered in clusters to get a hug.
Devin Dean celebrates as one of the PAL students knocked over all of the pins in the Johnny Mize Athletic Center at Piedmont University on March 24th. He was in charge of the bowling activity during the PAL games.
One of the Fairview students made a great attempt to hit the target during the lacrosse activity at the PAL games at Piedmont University on March 24th. She was very determined and eventually hit the target.

Feature Photography

Dr. Wallace Henson directed his last music performance on March, 21st with the music department here at Piedmont University. Beyond the Veil was the name of the performance and Dr. Henson pictured here is directing the Piedmont Singers, Pro Musica Choir, and Pro Musica Orchestra.

Here Dr. Henson is directing the Pro Musica Choir during is last ever concert here at Piedmont University.

During his last show Dr. Henson a selfless man honors the Pro Musica Choir after their last performance with Henson.

Feature Photography

On March 21 at 7pm, Beyond the Veil was directed by Dr. Wallace Henson of the Piedmont University music department in his last concert before retirement. Henson directs the Piedmont Singers, Pro Musica Choir, and Pro Musica Orchestra in a beautiful rendition of Sanctus, from Requiem, Op. 9, composed by Maurice Duruflé.
Julie Koeing of the Pro Musica Orchestra tunes up her harp before the group’s performance at the Beyond the Veil show on March 21 at 7pm. The ensemble performed a variety of pieces out of Reqium Op. 9 and provided high quality entertainment as part of Dr. Henson’s last show at Piedmont University.
Tyler Vandiver prepares for a solo performance while Dr. Henson orchestrates the rest of his performers. The Pro Musica choir and orchestra accompanied the Piedmont University Singers in their effort to give Dr. Henson a great final performance as a Piedmont Lion on March 21 at 7pm.