Prompt 4: Captions & Cutlines

Shoot and post two original action-oriented photos with a cutline. At least one photo should have a caption. The photos must have people in them and must feature at least one of the photojournalism characteristics: action, emotion, drama or unusualness. This is due before your in-person class meeting.

Hispanic Heritage Night

Behind the horse saddle, the table is filled with items that has come from Hispanic heritage families to be displayed for us to see and learn about.

Two students work together to make a Hispanic flower out of tissue paper.


  • Brett Loftis sits in the Swanson Center’s public speaking room as he keeps time on the speaker
  • Speaker on the stage in Swanson Center’s public speaking room practices his presentation in front of a few of his colleagues

News/Events Photos. Rachel Humble

2. A student watches as a new mask is printed with her design. Piedmont College hosted this event as a fun way to encourage students to wear masks.