Prompt 3: Caps & Cuts

Using the criteria discussed in class (PPT is on Canvas), write a new caption and a cutline for at least two of your photos posted last weekend. You can also shoot two new action-oriented photos and provide a caption and cutline. The photos must have people in them and must feature at least one of the photojournalism characteristics: action, emotion, drama or unusualness.

IMPORTANT: Repost the photos in a new post. Do not just redo the cutlines in your original post.

Caps & Cuts

Frozen Brain and Frozen Train

Snowstorm Izzy made a last-second appearance in Doe River Gorge just as Garrett Stafford was packing up his car to leave his Air BnB. His girlfriend made his stand next to the train to take a picture as worry struck him. He did not mentally prepare for the five hour drive ahead of him in 7 inches of snow. Was taking the Honda Civic a wise choice to take on this trip? Probably not. Is his car okay? Honestly, Garrett doesn’t know but it still works!

Man Falls Off Cliff?

Garrett Stafford recently took a hiking trip in Hampton, TN. Little did he know that his girlfriend needed pictures for her photojournalism class and ran out of ideas. He made the decision to lie down along the hill and pretend to fall as he yelled at her to take a picture of him “holding on for dear life.” Garrett considered himself a genius in that moment.

Captions and Cutlines

Caption: The One Thing I Regret

Cutline: This lunch was not a good one for Maddie Cassidy. Regretting every bite of what we all know as the Cafe food at Piedmont University on a cold January afternoon.

Caption: Creating Blueprints

Cutline: Caleb Rogers writing his script at his boyfriends’ apartment in Dawsonville, Georgia. Excited for the new project, Caleb has been working hours on edits.

Captions and Cutlines

Pre-Game pre-workout

Cameron Verona gears up for a soccer game against Georgia Tech on January 23. One of the many ways he gets ready for the game is by dry scooping his pre-workout for an extra boost of energy.

Dad Duties

Mike Edmonds will go buy a truck full of wood once every two months for the fireplace he has on his back porch. It is something he loves doing with his kids, especially during the colder months.

Cut & Cap

Let us play ball!

Jan. 16 was a weekend full of fun with snow coming down on us in Northeast Georgia. Dezmond Stollings, who is on the lacrosse team decided to play football with everyone in the village.

Is it snow or ice?

Jan. 16th was a snow day to remember. Marion Sloyan has seen snow plenty of times because she is from up north. She wanted to take this moment to throw a “snow ball” which felt more like hard ice. It was a fun moment to spend a snow day with those close to you.