Audio I Final Show Preparations

Dr. Dale Van Cantfort’s Audio Production I class has been hard at work as they prepare to host their final individual shows. The students have put a lot of work in these past few days, practicing into the late nights as well. These students have worked hard all semester long. Now is the time to see if all the hard work has finally paid off.

An Audio Production I student has all of her rundowns, music, and scripts set to go for her practice show. The hope is that by practicing for her show now, the operations of the final show will become second nature.
Kayla Lathon, a sophomore Mass Communications major and Audio I student at Piedmont University, practices her opening script during a practice show. Her final show was about local Georgia artists, called Georgia Locals.
As Kayla Lathon, sophomore Mass Communications major and Audio I student at Piedmont University, prepares to go back on the air, she adjusts her microphone to be in the most optimal position. It is important that the microphone is positioned properly so that it has the best pick-up pattern.
One of the most important things about Audio Production I is it teaches students about cooperation and teamwork. Here, freshman Mass Communications major Jessica Sconyers (left) and sophomore Mass Communications major Kayla Lathon (right) are working together to pull up the necessary audio recordings for their shows.
Kayla Lathon (hand seen here) adjusts the slider on the mixing board in the radio station. Having the slider too far up or down will determine if the audio coming through is too quiet or too loud.
Sophomore Mass Communications major Luke Micham gets his scripts and audio recordings set for his show. Micham’s final show, The Rascals, is a show all about the Rascal Flatts and some of their greatest hits.
When the Audio I students receive the grades back on their shows, sometimes the results are joyous. For freshman Mass Communications major Jessica Sconyers, there is celebration for her “A” on her final show.

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