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Sports Information Directors: One Title, Many Jobs

Danielle Percival, Assistant Athletic Director of Communications at Piedmont College, is responsible for all communications that surround Piedmont Athletics. Working alongside her are Assistant Directors of Athletic Communications, Chuck Tidmore and Joseph Garwood.  One of the main parts of their jobs is home event management. This photo story encompasses all the moving parts of a home men’s basketball game. The Lions defeated the visiting Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels, 74-58 on Dec. 3, 2019.

Percival (back center), Tidmore (left) and Garwood (front center) make sure everything at the scorer’s table is good to go prior to tipoff. PHOTO / Nate Roys
Percival, Tidmore and Garwood do a variety of things on game day. As fans entered Cave Arena, they were provided with game notes and team posters. PHOTO / Nate Roys
Tidmore (left) and Garwood work in tandem to input the live stats for the game. Tidmore calls out the action on the floor and Garwood inputs the information into Stat Crew, which uploads to as the game goes on. PHOTO / Nate Roys
Junior sports communications major Davis Barlow (center) and Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach Ryan McKay (center) call the play-by-play for the Mane Event Broadcasting Network. Percival and her staff operate the school’s streaming service using various student workers and faculty. PHOTO / Nate Roys
This the backend of the Piedmont Athletics’ streaming service, the Mane Event Broadcasting Network. The site allows anyone to freely stream home Piedmont athletic events, and is something Percival and her staff put great emphasis on. PHOTO / Nate Roys
postgame interview
Following the win, Barlow interviews the Lions’ star of the night while Percival films. Foote (far right) scored a career-high 24 points in the home victory. PHOTO / Nate Roys
final SM
Wrapping up the night, Garwood makes the final score graphic for the Piedmont Lions’ social media. Piedmont defeated Oglethorpe, 74-58, to move to 5-1 on the season. PHOTO / Nate Roys

Final Projects

Double Portrait: AQ the Singer

Amin Abraham-Quiles, who performs under the name AQ the Singer, is the Graduate Assistant for the mass communications department. Abraham-Quiles embodies the the life of a student-performer on dreary Friday in Demorest. When AQ the Singer is not working, singing or studying, he can be found talking about his favorite NBA player, LeBron James, whose jersey he wears in these photos.

MCOM Experience Day

Seniors Nathan Blackburn and Alyssa Emmett talk to prospective students on Mass Communications Experience Day. Blackburn, the Executive Director of the Roar, and Emmett, the Yonahian’s Senior Editor, shared a wealth of knowledge with visiting high school students.
Junior Garrett Stafford takes pictures of visiting students during Mass Comm Experience Day. Stafford also serves as the Roar’s Features Editor and imparted knowledge on the visiting teens.
Junior Davis Barlow takes pictures of students arriving Mass Comm Experience Day. Barlow’s main goal for Mass Comm Experience Day was to show off his stone-washed jeans.