Author: Mallocco22

Volunteer Firefighter

Louie Allocco is a volunteer firefighter who likes to give back to his community in Townsend, Tennessee. Louie’s full time job includes being the Vice President of Tennessee Middle Market Broking leader. In simpler form, he does insurance. However, in his free time he likes to help others which includes being a firefighter. He likes the sudden adrenaline rush he gets when he hears the dispatch caller for the Townsend area. Not only does he have his own family, but he has met other volunteers that he can call his family.

  1. Signature Photo: First Responder Louie Allocco is also known by his badge number 815.
  2. As soon as the dispatcher comes on the microphone, Louie is first to respond to go on the scene. 
  3. Portrait: Allocco is in route to the Fire Hall.
  4. After arriving at the Fire Hall, Louie does a quick check around the fire truck to make sure he has all equipment necessary. 
  5. Close-up: Before every fire and medical call it is a must to check in the medical bag that all items are accounted for.
  6. Clincher: Allocco prepares to pull Townsend 1 out of the garage to head towards the scene on Chetola Trail. 
  7.  Interaction: Working his way up to Lieutenant, Allocco directs fellow firefighter Donna Smart (left) as to where the fire might of started.  
  8. After 45 minutes of trying to beat the fire first responder 859 is exhausted. 
  9. After a long day of calls the work isn’t done. Even at night Louie has to be ready for the worst possible scenario. 

On the Spot Nature

  1. Depth: Taken in the afternoon in the Great Smokey Mountains, it is beautiful when the Fall leaves cover the ground and take over.  
  2. Wide: Taken at dusk the sunset on the mountains is a perfect opportunity for the “perfect” shot. 
  3. Water: Taken at the spur of the moment in the afternoon, the rain droplets on the leaves was a perfect opportunity to see how big rain droplets actually are.