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Cut & Cap

Let us play ball!

Jan. 16 was a weekend full of fun with snow coming down on us in Northeast Georgia. Dezmond Stollings, who is on the lacrosse team decided to play football with everyone in the village.

Is it snow or ice?

Jan. 16th was a snow day to remember. Marion Sloyan has seen snow plenty of times because she is from up north. She wanted to take this moment to throw a “snow ball” which felt more like hard ice. It was a fun moment to spend a snow day with those close to you.

Snow day in the Villy

This is a photo of my residents enjoying the snow!
A few of my friends on my women’s tennis team posing after playing football.
This is a picture of the village entrance that I took for RA stuff.
I was walking back to the village because my car was covered in the snow.
We were sledding down the hill in the back of the village.
People in the village playing football.
My best friend trying to throw a snowball at me.
A close-up of the trees in the village.

The Life of Leo

This is my family, and they are the reason I try to strive every day in life!
This is my best friend, Marion Sloyan, and we are always together.
I’m an RA here at Piedmont, and these are a few of my residents.
I am a part of the men’s tennis team at Piedmont. I am majoring in Sports and Mass Communications.
I began playing tennis in the 10th grade, and it has become a big part of my life.
I also used to be a part of the cross country team in high school.
I have an obsession with sunsets.
Over the summer, I got to be a camp counselor, and it was a fun experience.
I have a passion for sports which is why I want to work with college athletics.