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Michael Porcelli the Tennis Player

Michael Porcelli went from not being in the starting line-up freshman year to playing in the number three spot on the team. Porcelli had the opportunity to play at this spot earlier in the season due to a teammate being sick. He did not take the opportunity for granted because the coach realized he had a lot of potential of being a great number three. Porcelli would go on to win multiple times at the number three spot and also at number two doubles. He was taking any chance he could get to be able to play. He also is not only a great player, but he is also a great teammate and friend. Porcelli is one of the biggest hypemen on the team whether he is on or off the court. If you ever need someone to make you smile then Porcelli is your guy.

Porcelli plays in his first-ever USA SOUTH Conference tournament. He is always ready to hype up his team.
Before a match, Porcelli fuels up before he has to play because the match could go on for hours.
A racket and a bag help make up a tennis player, and it holds a lot of memories because this bag has been with Porcelli his whole high school career.

Porcelli brings joy to those around him, and always finds a way to do it.

Coach Matt Williams helped make a difference on the team and helped Porcelli become a better player.

Porcelli has had his ups and downs, but he enjoys being a part of the team that he counts as a family.

Porcelli played against Southern Virginia and comes back to win his match after losing the first set.
This is Michael Porcelli the tennis player, but not only is he a tennis player, but he will also be the 2022-2023 team captain. He will help make a difference for his team, and he will support his teammates as if they were his one brothers.

Meditation Walk

I love nature and I love seeing the flowers, but when I walked passed this bush full of flowers I saw a bee on the flower. I thought it was a nice moment to capture.

My Easter Weekend

This weekend I started with a puzzle with 2000 pieces. It was something to do since I was not able to go home.
I also started off my weekend going to the Lady Lions softball versus Covenant College. In the photo is pitcher, Martina Maloch in the second game versus the Scots.
On Saturday, I had duty which is the reason I was not able to go home. It was a beautiful night, so I decided to take a photo of the night.
Center fielder, Rebekah Stegmayer was at-bat versus the Scots.