Author: Kelsey Skendziel

Photographer vs. Grad season

Brandon Ricketts is a cinematographer and portrait photographer and has been doing it since 2016. Brandon has a huge love and passion for photography and does a variety of different sessions. Brandon has shot weddings, graduation pictures, family portraits, and couples photos. Brandon shot my (Kelsey Skendziel) graduation photos and William Richters graduation photos at Piedmont University on April 29th, 2023. I was able to capture what it is like to be a photographer during a graduation photo session, and it was very fun to say the least.

Brandon Ricketts gets his gear together and ready to go for the Graduation photo session. Brandon brought a couple different cameras with him along with multiple SD cards and anything else he could possibly need for the session.

Brandon Ricketts starts out the session with shooting my (Kelsey Skendziel) graduation photos first. Brandon uses his Fuji Film camera for both of the sessions.

Brandon Ricketts takes Will Richters Graduation photos next. To start out the session, Brandon took some pictures in the middle of the quad at Piedmont University.

After a couple photos are taken, Brandon checks to see if the pictures are turning out good. Even though it was a partly cloudy day, the lighting was great and there was no wind.

At the end of the photo session, Will Richter (left), Hannah Skendziel (middle), and Brandon Ricketts (right) all gather around to look at some of the photos and make sure that they are happy with how they turned out. No matter the photo session, it is more fun when there are more people involved.

After the Graduation photos are completely done, Brandon Ricketts sits down and starts looking through the pictures on his computer. Brandon will edit the pictures and send me (Kelsey Skendziel) and will Richter the final product.


At the Piedmont Symposium on April 12, Bella Reulbach presents her poster ” The Utilization of Amino Acids in Fingerprint Analysis” to Madi Gallarelli. Bella explained how amino acids are present in fingerprints and can help differentiate between the gender and diet of suspects.

April 12th marks the day for the 5th Symposium to occur at Piedmont University. Symposium is an event that allows students to present their research to other students, faculty, friends, and family that they worked very hard on.

Piedmont University held their 5th Symposium on April 12th at the Demorest campus. In the common’s gym, twenty-four students present their research posters to whomever takes interest in their topic as they walk up and down each row.

Easter Weekend

Michael Styles relaxes on the couch and plays with the dogs Ollie and Doc at his in-law’s house on Lake Lanier. Michael is in town visiting for the weekend to spend time with his family for Easter weekend.

Michael Styles takes a break from relaxing and cooks some ribs on the grill for an Easter Sunday lunch at his in-law’s house in Cumming Georgia. Michael is also enjoying the beautiful weather while cooking outside after a long week of horrible weather.

Michael Styles takes break from cooking and reconnects with his inner child and attempts to ride a rip stick on his in-law’s driveway in Georgia on Easter Sunday. It took him a couple tries to get up and going on it, but he was persistent and eventually got it.