Symposium Photos

Piedmont University Symposium was held Wednesday April 12th, 2023. Nahomi Solorzano speaking about the short film Masternice647 along with the rest of the film makers Dante Wilson, Matt Kodrowski, and Sophie Haines.

There were also poster presentations that took place in the Commens Gym at symposium held on April 12th, 2023. Divy Barot presenting his poster on Bacterial Growth Microplastic Sedimentation. It is safer to drink out of a metal water verses drinking out of a plastic water bottle.

Piedmont Symposium isn’t just about specific majors, it is about all majors offered at Piedmont University. Symposium gives film majors a chance to show off all the films being produced at Piedmont University. A film crew isn’t just made up of all film majors, It also involves theater majors, mass communication majors plus sports communication majors.

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