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DSLR Scavenger hunt- J.D., Walker, and Alexis

Close-up shot of nature
Profile shot of Walker outside
Medium shot of Walker heading down the Swanson stairs
Medium shot of Kelsey, Conner, and AP
medium shot of Conner Creedon running across the bridge
Wildcard shot of AP that looks like an album cover
Medium profile shot of J.D. indoors on the radio station

A weekend in Chatanooga

a photo autobiography about my life

This was me when I was eight months old. I was born on January 2nd, 2001, in Wilton, Connecticut.
This was when I realized my dream was to play college lacrosse. I started playing for my local youth league, the Hanover Blackhawks when I was 7. I ended my lacrosse career last semester after deciding it was an excellent time to hang up the cleats.
During Highschool I attended an all-boys, military, and catholic school in Richmond, Virginia
My family and I were at the Cassell center at Virginia Tech this past weekend. My mom Gina (left-middle), my sister Marin (right-middle), and my dad John (right). My family loves going to watch sporting events regardless of the sport.
One of my hobbies that I have picked up in the past few years is the love of skiing. We took a trip out to snowshoe mountain in West Virginia over the break and are planning to return in February.
My cousin, parents, best friend, and I celebrated my 21st birthday in Nashville last year. Gina (left), my best friend Thomas (left-middle), John (middle), and my cousin Frankie (right-middle).
During freshman year, when we played Guilford college, I met up with one of my buddies from my hometown.