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Photo Story: Life as a Music Major

The life of a music major can be difficult. But Kaitlyn Powers works hard and practices a lot to make sure she sounds her best. Because the most important thing a music major can do is practice, practice, practice. But in the long run, it will all be worth it.

Kaitlyn Powers, Junior, Music Education Major at Piedmont University heads to her private lesson with Mrs. Walton. So she can prepare for her Jury later the following week.

As Kaitlyn arrives at Mrs.Walton’s office for her private lesson she starts practicing one of her pieces for the Jury. Mrs.Walton listens to her and points out any place she needs to practice.

Some of the music can be difficult to know the timing so Mrs.Walton points out a part of the music to help Kaitlyn slow down and practice the certain part of that piece. So, Kaitlyn went over that part a couple of times to practice how it should sound.

To help Kaitlyn further Mrs.Walton got out her own clarinet. Since it can be easier to hear how it should sound with someone else playing too.
Later the following week on the day of Kaitlyn’s Jury she decided to practice her pieces some more. The Jury is like a final exam for music students where she will have to perform some pieces of music in front of the other music professors.
Kaitlyn prepares to do more practicing on her pieces for her Jury. She feels pretty confident about two of the pieces she has prepared but one keeps giving her trouble which is why she will continue to practice.
With her Jury a few hours away Kaitlyn has finally finished practicing her pieces. All that is left now is to perform at the Jury.

Photo Meditation

This was a tree I came across during my walk-in Lula Park. I was drawn to this tree because of how the middle of it looked and how green the leaves were so, I wanted to capture both of these aspects.

Easter Weekend

Since my Easter plans got postponed I spent my weekend at the Gainesville Square playing Pokemon Go with my Fiance.
And while at the Gainesville Square I ran into my best friend since middle school Charity and her boyfriend Alec. Which was a lot of fun.
To finish up my weekend I spent my time with my cat Arrow. Trying to keep him out of trouble.