Nurse practiner working in an urgent care that offers not just basic medical services

Reddy Urgent care is located in Tocca Georgia. An urgent care is not just a basic clinic. It is a few steps down from the emergency room, before heading to an emergency room, the patient first goes to the urgent care then goes to the emergency room. If the issue is more serious than the urgent care can treat than the patient, Then they get sent to the emergency room for further treatment. The urgent care has an option or having a doctor present or not at the clinic otherwise it is the nurse practitioner’s job to determine what is going on with the patient.

Luke Micham arrived at Reddy Urgent Care checking in to fill out paper work, show proof of insurance Can’t be seen without showing proof of all these things.

Once Luke completed the check in process he headed on back go get on the scale to get his weight.

Luke getting his blood pressure taken by nurse Karen.

Luke getting his heart listened to by nurse practitioner Trina Cain.

Nurse practinor Trina Cain pictured talking to Luke about what is going on why he came in to be seen. Figuring what she could do to fix the problem.

Nurse practinor Trina Cain checking Luke’s throat to make sure it is not strep throat or there is no fluid on the throat or nothinf that will cause a future infection.

Sadly Luke had a complaint about his ears bothering him nurse practinor Trina Cain checked his ears to see if she might have to prescribe him some ear drops to prevent the infection from getting worse.

Luke sadly was complaning of chest pain so nurse practitioner Trina Cain told him an x-ray was required to further investigate further is going on.

Nurse practinor Trina Cain waving at the camera as she exits the exam room after talking with Luke about how he was going to get treated for his health issues.

Once all medical services are performed plus any medicines that were perscribed now it’s time for the check out process. Co pay paid, proof of insurance, medicine information so Luke is able to pick up from the pharmacy.

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