Photo Story-Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport that takes up a lot of time and a sport that affects you greatly if you miss a practice. Conner FitzGearld is a midfielder on the Piedmont Men’s Lacross team. He loves the sport and even though these past few days he has been out due to strep throat and could not play, he did not let that stop him from working hard and supporting his team.

Lacrosse is a sport that requires forces, effort and determination.
There are many different parts of gear you wear, while playing Lacrosse to protect you. Each piece of gear has its own purpose and way of protecting you.
Taking care of your body is a requirement when playing a sport, especially when it requires as much effort as Lacrosse. Eating right, stretching and sleep are very important factors.
Practice makes perfect, put in the work on and off the field whether its a game or not.
Conner throws the ball against the trampoline, to help him practice alone and to help keep his skills sharp.
Stance, is a big part of Lacross if your not standing or angled right the ball may not go where you want or wrose you could hurt yourself or somebody eles.
“being part of a team that all cares and works togther is a feeling you will never forget, you wont find it anywhere else” said conner.

Even though conner has got other offers to play Lacrosse at other school he couldn’t be happier with his final decision.

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