Who is Ella?

Huge Lady Dawg basketball fan. Went to a Lady Dawgs game over the break. Super fun time. Got really close seats.

My family my brother who is on the United States Air Force flying the B52 lives in Louisiana with his dog Teddy. My mom who is a nurse practicer who works on urgent care. My dad who is retired military 33 years security forces. He is now a Presbyterian pastor. There is me who is a junior mass communications major at Piedmont university.

My boyfriend Luke, we met in the school of mass communications. Been going for 9 months strong. We plan to marry after college.

My Australian Labor doodle dog Baker who is 1 year old. He’s a mess loves being a mess. Most of all super sweet.

I love to travel this was me in Montreat North Carolina ladies conference. It was on a group hike.

My favorite artist of all time is Josh Groban. He’s been my favorite artist my whole entire life. I’ve seen him 4 times in concert including this past summer 2022.

Vera Bradley is my favorite designer. This is one of my favorite Vera Bradley designs.

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