Photo Story: Pushing Through Finals Week

Being a full time student can be very stressful, especially through finals week. Sophomore applied health science major, Madelyn Paris, had a busy week as she prepared for her last week on campus.

Madelyn Paris found herself cracking open her books and studying more than usual this week as she prepares for her upcoming finals.
As important studying is, it’s just as important to get outside and be active! Madelyn enjoys riding her scooter around campus to help relieve some stress.
Early morning classes are never fun. Even though she’d much rather be sleeping in, Madelyn makes it to her morning classes to make sure she has all the information she needs to be successful on her final exams.
While studying for final exams is important the last week on campus, so is packing! Madelyn spent time away from her studies to pack up her dorm room while she also prepares to move out for the summer.
After a long day of classes, Madelyn likes to kick off her shoes, grab her favorite box of cereal and lay back on the couch while watching some Netflix.
Friends help friends during finals week! Not only is studying together always a good idea, but so is reliving stress by yelling at the PS4! Madelyn joins Madi Gallarelli as they both play video games after a study session.
Staying up all night to study is for some students, but not Madelyn! She makes sure she is in bed at a decent time to make sure she’ll make it to her 8am finals the next morning!

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