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Lion Fest Attracts Habersham Community to Piedmont

On Saturday April 22 Piedmont University hosted LionFest in collaboration with Habersham Chamber of Commerce. The event was organized by Piedmont University Alumni Association. Featured at the event were a number of student vendors, who were given complementary booths in exchange for donating a percentage of their earnings to Piedmont University. Additionally the event welcomed the community to enjoy food from a variety of vendors and live music provided by Piedmont University Cantabile and The Nic Johnson Band.

Students were welcome to display and sell their crafts at the 2023 LionFest. Vendors ranged from handmade quilts, crocheted bandanas and handcrafted pottery.
Junior graphic design major Liz Carter appeared at the event selling stickers, buttons and tote bags, designed and printed by herself.
Graduating art major, Laura Dove, hosted a booth to sell her hand-made pottery pieces. Some featured pieces included hand painted dining sets from her capstone project.
Music performance major Edith Gonzalez hosted a booth at LionFest to sell her handmade crochet pieces. Gonzalez had no time for rest and continued creating new pieces at the event.
Products Gonzalez had available for purchase included beanies, bandanas, drink koozies and water bottle totes. Gonzalez hoped that the event would help spur buzz for her Etsy shop, where she sells similar products.
Gonzalez shared that her interest in crocheting sparked when she was much younger and she quickly fell in love with the craft. The bright skies provided the perfect setting to enjoy the company of the Piedmont and Habersham communities.
The event hosted a number of food vendors, including Chick-fil-A, Cowboy Bob’s Donuts & Coffee Shop and Fresco’s Restaurant. Picnic table were set up near-by so attendees could comfortably sit and enjoy their food in the perfect weather the day presented.
Fresco’s restaurant made their debut appearance at a Piedmont University event, with authentic street tacos. The food truck offered a wide range of meat options to appeal to the tastes of all potential customers.
The day was concluded with musical guests including Dr. Wallace Hinson leading Piedmont’s Cantabile and The Nic Johnson band.

Piedmont’s Fifth Symposium

Bella Reulbach presented her Symposium research titled “The Utilization and Study of Amino Acids in Fingerprint Analysis” to guests at the event on April 12. Reulbach’s research was sponsored by instructor Dr. Jennifer Roberts.
Students in the audience observed as Samantha Carvallo presented a piece of her 2023 graphic design capstone project in the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art in Demorest, GA. Carvallo’s capstone project is titled “The College of Fine Arts and Sciences Promotional Magazine.”
Dr. Joe Dennis spearheaded the popcorn efforts at the “Red Carpet Magic!” capstone event. At the event, Piedmont University film students shared their projects and experiences working on projects throughout the past year.

On-the-Spot Nature Photography

The sun peaked through the shade of the trees walking down to the floor of the gorge. creating depth/utilizing light in a unique way
The bridge offers a unique place for visitors to stand directly over the gorge. creating depth/wide perspective
The water seeps down the walls of the gorge alongside the waterfalls. movement/contrast

✨Easter Wkd✨

After a quiet Easter Sunday morning I came back to my boyfriend’s place to get some homework done. Our cat Violet finds the most inconvenient places to climb to.
Sam, a graphic design major at Piedmont University, and I went to Gainesville after an exhausting day at the GCPAA. I accidentally knocked the Jenga tower over trying to take a picture.
Violet loves to sit on squares, especially when those squares have warm pizza sitting in them. Here she is standing to reach my hand for a pet.