Mr. and Mrs. Acceme

On Saturday, 11.30.2019, Emmanuel Acceme and Rebecca Timmons were married surrounded by friends and family. They both live quiet lives in Gainesville, Georgia. Originally they had planned to quietly go down to the courthouse and get married, no service or anything. That changed when 3 months ago Emmanuel spoke with the new preacher of Evangel Assembly of God and planned a wedding date before even speaking to Rebecca. Luckily she was understanding and they planned the perfect day.

This past Saturday a man, Emmanuel Acceme, and a woman, Rebecca Timmons, joined as one in holy matrimony.
Emmanuel is a Haitian immigrant who moved here in his teens for work.
Rebecca, accompanied by her mother, is a southern girl from Alabama who moved to Gainesville, Georgia shortly after highschool.
They met through friends of one another and quickly hit it off.
They both loved how funny and playful the other was.
This playfulness seems to run in the family.
After dating for 2 years and being engaged for another 6 months, they finally said “I Do.”
Because this day wasn’t just the start of Mr. and Mrs. Acceme…
It was the start of the rest of their lives, together

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