Author: mjoseph0924

Captions & Cutlines

  1. Zoom University

Piedmont College student going through his regular zoom classes instead of attending due to the world wide pandemic

2. Spraying the insects away

Piedmont College student applying bug spray around his door as insects continue to be a main issue for on campus residential buildings.

‘Rona Campus

  1. Student sitting in the Mize, social distancing and wearing a mask, while waiting for a team meeting.
  2. Piedmont students taking part in beach volleyball intramurals while wearing a mask.


  1. Student in class
  2. Students walking to class
  3. Close up of a tree outside of Camp Hall
  4. View of the student success center from afar
  5. Picture of student using portrait mode

Little bit about me

  1. This is me and my awesome family at a Brazilian Steakhouse on Christmas Eve.
  2. Me, my mom and brother in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  3. Me, my dad and brother doing one of our favorite things which is going to Marshall University football games.
  4. Photo I took one evening up at Lake Norman in North Carolina.
  5. Basketball has been a sport I have played since the age of five and has been my passion ever since.
  6. Two summers ago I completed a internship with the Charlotte Hornets and this photo includes me rebounding for a potential draft pick.
  7. Me and my Lebanese cousins at our 87th family reunion