Symposium 2023

Senior Biology major Noah Irwin details his interesting findings about salamander survival patterns to his coach and teammates. Irwin has been working alongside Piedmont science professor Carlos Camp all semester to gather his information. He presented all the final work at the Piedmont Symposium, hosted on April 12, 2023.

Jadon Gonzales, a sophomore biology major, details his latest findings of spiders on campus to Darius Smith. Gonzales and Rindy Grubb (pictured center) collected and analyzed over 40 different species of spiders from around Piedmont as a means to understand further the lives of organisms around us.

Piedmont University’s mass communications department hosted the first ever “Red Carpet Magic” event as part of their own rendition of the Piedmont Symposium on April 12, 2023. Students and filmmakers took time to present video projects from the various film courses offered in the Swanson Center. They were also interviewed and followed by paparazzi as they walked the red carpet.

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