Author: Rowan Edmonds

Captions and Cutlines

Pre-Game pre-workout

Cameron Verona gears up for a soccer game against Georgia Tech on January 23. One of the many ways he gets ready for the game is by dry scooping his pre-workout for an extra boost of energy.

Dad Duties

Mike Edmonds will go buy a truck full of wood once every two months for the fireplace he has on his back porch. It is something he loves doing with his kids, especially during the colder months.

MLK Weekend Photos

Soccer tryouts for The Georgia Revolution NPSL team took place in Atlanta. The tryouts ended with an 11v11 scrimmage.
One of the players already on the Revs NPSL team was standing on the sidelines messing around with an extra ball.
A close up picture of a candle I took when Cam and I were hanging out.
My boyfriend, Cam, loves to play guitar and sometimes he will teach me a few chords and riffs.

Photo Autobiography – Rowan Edmonds