Author: Silas Sandles

First Real Head Coach

meditation picture

On my walk I ended up at Plymouth Hall and noticed that someone had either kicked down their window screen. I’ve never seen this and it shows how I and most every college student is feeling right now that finals are coming up.

Easter weekend

Cierra McFerrin (left) and Pfeiffer defender (right) are waiting for the shooters to come upfield in the second quarter the half.
I went with Leo to meet his family in Milledgeville after the lacrosse game and this is one of the views of the long highway we were on.

As Leo and i got closer to the mall we noticed that there was a full moon as well as the sun setting. It seemed pretty cool caus ethe sun was still up but you could see the moon so clearly.

2022 Symposium

Cooper Kework (middle Green shirt, Khaki pants) Presents his symposium presentation titled “comparison of infecion Prevalence and Intensity by the Trematode Metagonimoides oregonensis between two species of Desmognathan Salamander” in the Commons Gym.
Chris Bale (left side White shirt) is getting comngratualted by his fellow peers after his presentation. About 25 people were present and half of the tennis team. His presentation took place in The Swanson Screening room.
Chris Bale has just finished his presentation and is receiving questions from faculty as well as fellow peers.