Author: John Dills

Captions & Cutlines

Caption: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Cutline: Piedmont University students build a snowman at The Village. Students enjoyed the snow over the three day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. As snow began falling, students began playing since snow is uncommon in this amount for the area.

Cutline: Piedmont University students John Dills (left) and Tori Drake (center) run outside to throw snowballs at one another. As snow hit the ground over the three day weekend, students got to relax in a winter wonderland.

Three Day Weekend!

  1. A close-up shot of a snowman my friend Tori built!
  2. A wide shot of The Village residents making a snowman.
  3. A medium shot of my friend Tori and I playing around in the snow.
  4. A close-up shot of the snow as it was beginning to settle on the ground.
  5. A medium shot of the the snow on the ground with foot prints and the cars behind outlining the shot.
  6. A wide shot of The Village with the ground covered in snow.

Photo Autobiography