The MCOM Awards

Before the summer of every school year, the Mcom students and seniors gather at the Swanson Center to see if they may have received any awards from peers and some of our wonderful faculty here in the Mcom departments.

The Swanson Center on May 1st, 2023. the Home of the Theater department and MCOM, SCOM, and Film majors.
After senior Connor Creedon delivered a fantastic capstone presentation, the students and faculty got ready as the awards were just around the corner.
Dr. Joe Dennis kicks things off with a short message from himself and an audio clip presented by Matt Kodrowski.
The first award presented is the Alumni Award to Rachel Dailey ’07 by the legendary DVC.
The next set of awards presented is by Roiwan Edmonds and Hannah Osborne (not pictured). This set of awards is the Student Leadership Council Awards.
There were so many senior Leadership Council Awards to give out that there were three separate pages worth of awards, with some of them being serious and some of them being funny.
These incredible students have been chosen to join the Society for collegiate journalism.

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