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The busy life of an RA Student Athlete

Junior Max Miller is a Athletic Training Major, 2nd year Residential Adviser (RA), and a cross country/ Track Athlete, this all leads to a very busy life with many late nights. These late nights include being on duty from 8-12 on week nights and 8-2 on weekends, and when you’re working this late sometimes the only place open is Taco Bell.
With such a busy life also comes a lot of stress, so Max is joined by his girlfriend Sophomore Maddie Cassidy most nights to get him through the night and give him a little stress relief by sharing a few good laughs along the way.
Part of the RA job is going on rounds every two hours. On these rounds Max walks up and down the hall in the dorm documenting everything he hears, sees and smells on his phone.
Sometimes you never know what you’ll find when walking down the halls, as Max found a blow up Christmas decoration one of the students put up outside their room.
Along with weird things you may find in the halls you never know what the students may be doing. As Max came across Sophomores Connor Moronos and Roy Harkins having a light saber/shoe battle in the halls. Max had to stop them because it was quiet hours. (As staged as this photo may look it isn’t, cross country runners are just weird)
Part of being an RA is being a leader in the community as Max speaks at the end of the semester freshman meeting, telling them all they need to do before they can move out for Christmas break.
Athletic training the most rigorous majors offered at Piedmont college, Max is taking his exercise physiology test that he has been studying weeks for.
Being on the cross country and track teams means when Max isn’t studying for his next hard test or on duty he’s running. Max averages 6-10 miles every single day, and sometimes he has to practice twice a day. After working till 12 or even two he has to get up the next morning and run at 6am.

The Backbone of Student Organizations

Zachary Moore, Coordinator of Student Activities, Organizations, & Greek Life at Piedmont College, is the adviser for Campus Activities Board (CAB) and overseas other organizations like Student Government Association (SGA) on campus. No matter how busy Moore is he is always providing a helping hand to his fellow student workers and continues to provide a helping hand to any student in need.

Zac Moore
Mr. Morre shows up to work energitic and ready to get things done.

Zac Mug decorations
Excited to kick off stress less week. Mr. Moore and CAB layed out mugs to decorate and provided free hot chocolate to students. The event took place on Monday December 2nd, from 11:00am to 1:30pm.

Zac Massage Therapy
Mr. Moore explains to the masseuses on how long they should give a massage to a student. Massage Therapy took place on Tuesday December 3rd, from 3:00 to 6:00pm in the student commons conference rooms.

Zac Dwell on Dreams
While working hard at his desk. Mr. Moore lives by the J.K. Rowling quote on his desktop, “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Zac and Geeth
Mr. Moore likes to know his student workers and provided a get to know you sheet to CAB’s Assistant Event Coordinator Geeth Mahagamage.

Zac Conference Call
Mr. Moore makes a call to Chartwells to make sure everything is in order for Late Night Breakfast on Wedenesday December 4th, at 9pm in the student commons cafe.

Zac and Leslie SGA
SGA President, Leslie Lopez and Mr. Moore discuss SGA’s constituition and bylaws.

Zac Long Shift
Mr. Moore takes a sip of his coke, which is well needed since he works from 8:00am to 6:00pm almost everyday.

Zac Location
You can find Mr. Moore in the Student Affairs office located on the second floor of the Student Commons. He strives to make organizations on campus grow and be a helping hand.


Mr. and Mrs. Acceme

On Saturday, 11.30.2019, Emmanuel Acceme and Rebecca Timmons were married surrounded by friends and family. They both live quiet lives in Gainesville, Georgia. Originally they had planned to quietly go down to the courthouse and get married, no service or anything. That changed when 3 months ago Emmanuel spoke with the new preacher of Evangel Assembly of God and planned a wedding date before even speaking to Rebecca. Luckily she was understanding and they planned the perfect day.

This past Saturday a man, Emmanuel Acceme, and a woman, Rebecca Timmons, joined as one in holy matrimony.
Emmanuel is a Haitian immigrant who moved here in his teens for work.
Rebecca, accompanied by her mother, is a southern girl from Alabama who moved to Gainesville, Georgia shortly after highschool.
They met through friends of one another and quickly hit it off.
They both loved how funny and playful the other was.
This playfulness seems to run in the family.
After dating for 2 years and being engaged for another 6 months, they finally said “I Do.”
Because this day wasn’t just the start of Mr. and Mrs. Acceme…
It was the start of the rest of their lives, together

Sports Information Directors: One Title, Many Jobs

Danielle Percival, Assistant Athletic Director of Communications at Piedmont College, is responsible for all communications that surround Piedmont Athletics. Working alongside her are Assistant Directors of Athletic Communications, Chuck Tidmore and Joseph Garwood.  One of the main parts of their jobs is home event management. This photo story encompasses all the moving parts of a home men’s basketball game. The Lions defeated the visiting Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels, 74-58 on Dec. 3, 2019.

Percival (back center), Tidmore (left) and Garwood (front center) make sure everything at the scorer’s table is good to go prior to tipoff. PHOTO / Nate Roys

Percival, Tidmore and Garwood do a variety of things on game day. As fans entered Cave Arena, they were provided with game notes and team posters. PHOTO / Nate Roys

Tidmore (left) and Garwood work in tandem to input the live stats for the game. Tidmore calls out the action on the floor and Garwood inputs the information into Stat Crew, which uploads to as the game goes on. PHOTO / Nate Roys

Junior sports communications major Davis Barlow (center) and Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach Ryan McKay (center) call the play-by-play for the Mane Event Broadcasting Network. Percival and her staff operate the school’s streaming service using various student workers and faculty. PHOTO / Nate Roys

This the backend of the Piedmont Athletics’ streaming service, the Mane Event Broadcasting Network. The site allows anyone to freely stream home Piedmont athletic events, and is something Percival and her staff put great emphasis on. PHOTO / Nate Roys

postgame interview
Following the win, Barlow interviews the Lions’ star of the night while Percival films. Foote (far right) scored a career-high 24 points in the home victory. PHOTO / Nate Roys

final SM
Wrapping up the night, Garwood makes the final score graphic for the Piedmont Lions’ social media. Piedmont defeated Oglethorpe, 74-58, to move to 5-1 on the season. PHOTO / Nate Roys