Alliance Wire & Cable has been around since 1998, recently celebrating 22 years of being in service. Born in Cuba, owner Sergio Marti moved to the United States at five years old. Ever since he can remember, he has had high hopes for what he wants to do with his life. After working in various warehouses and wire distributors in Florida, he moved to Georgia to open his own business. In 2016, Marti expanded his business and opened a second warehouse in Dallas.
As the owner, Marti is always first to arrive in the morning and last to leave. After moving his family to Flowery Branch in 2017, he went from a ten minute commute to a thirty five minute commute, twenty minutes if he drives the Cadillac.
For the most part, Marti spends his days on the computer. While working, he manages the finances, orders inventory and monitors sales. With 18 employees, he has his hands full quite a lot.
Taking a break from the stressful job of being a business owner, Marti feeds his fish. Out of all his fish, the puffer fish, or Puffy Junior (PJ for short) is his favorite. Marti has a 210 gallon fish tank in his office as well as two smaller ones at his home.
In a warehouse with over $800,000 in inventory, Marti ensures that the warehouse workers know where a roll of seldom used fiber optic cable is located. It’s easy to misplace something when there is that much inventory.
Because Marti always parks next to the company’s box truck, he gets a reminder about what he has worked so hard for every night he leaves Alliance Wire & Cable.

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