The Life of a Special Needs Adult

  • In the first photo (top left), every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Nick enjoys a special needs adult program called The Next Stop which since Covid has began, it has been held via zoom. None the less Nick and his buddies still enjoy seeing each other’s smiling faces every time they meet.
  • (Top right) Christmas is Nick’s favorite holiday of the year. Helping his mom decorate the tree is one of his favorite things to do around this time of year.
  • (Middle left) At Nick’s program, The Next Stop, they will each cook once a week. This week, they chose to bake some pumpkin muffins which turned out to be amazing!
  • (Middle right) In this photo, Nick is displaying his favorite thing to do all the time, which is spending time with his family. Nick is a family man and it does not matter if that means close family or long distant family. He knows everyone.
  • (Bottom left) One of Nick’s favorite things to do is whenever he goes into a store and sees something he likes, he automatically wants a picture with it. Nick is a big fan of Snoopy so when he saw this he was about ready to walk right out of the store with it.
  • (Bottom right) Nick is an animal lover. In this photo he is laying down next to his big dog Charlie.

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