Author: jameswhitmer

Big Weekend Series vs Huntingdon College

On Friday April 21st to Sunday April 23rd the Piedmont Lions baseball team would play a three game series against Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. This series was crucial for both teams as they are both competing for a higher seed in the conference tournament. After losing game 1 on a walkoff, the Lions would win game 2 10-6 to even the series. Sadly though, the Lions would lose game 3 and come home losing the series 2-1.

Here is Huntingdon’s field as we were walking to the dugout to get ready to play.

Senior Scott Lyon is looking on to the field as both teams get ready for game 3.

The team is getting off the bus to get ready for game 1.

Prior to one of the games senior Grant Olson is here eating breakfast and playing a game on his phone at the hotel.

Senior Kelton Kieschnick is here getting on to the bus as we prepare for game 3.

Huntingdon College is hitting pregame batting practice to get ready to play for game 3.

Grant Olson is getting ready to field a ground ball during Piedmont’s batting practice.

Junior Trace Cate is wearing the home run celebration hat prior to the game to get some good luck in him.


During the Piedmont Symposium on Wednesday, April 12th 4 students were presenting their video and just talked about the work it took to make the video.

Chloe Spradlin puts her thumbs up after finishing her radio show during the Symposium.

Joe Dennis here is making and handing out popcorn by the screening room to fellow students and other audience members in between shows.

Easter Weekend

On Saturday went to TopGolf with my girlfriend. Here she is about to take her shot on a rainy evening.

On Sunday morning went to Church with my family for Easter. In the picture are a bunch of kids getting baptized on a lovely morning.

Here is a picture I took Sunday night at the Braves game. Lovely night but unfortunately the Braves lost 10-2.