Author: mleemann10

News/event photography

Piedmont student sings his version of “Lay Me Down” (Sam Smith) for the audience at Open Mic Night back in August. The performers were all required to wear masks, even while singing, in order to follow the precautions for the COVID-19 outbreak.

There was a large audience at the first Open Mic Night of the 2020 school year. This Piedmont College student brings the energy to get the large crowd pumped up as he dances and sings on stage.

DSLR Practice (Mikey and Matt)

  1. A butterfly in its natural habitat (photo by Matt)
  2. Close-up of Mikey’s new Nike shoes (photo by Matt)
  3. Profile shot of Matt outside the Swanson center (photo by Mikey)
  4. Mikey standing in the atrium inside the Swanson center (photo by Matt)
  5. Matt caught mid stride in his run to the Swanson center (photo by Mikey)
  6. Mikey walking up the steps toward Swanson (photo by Matt)
  7. The Swanson center architecture is one of a kind (photo by Mikey)
  8. Students at Piedmont College see this view of the building as they walk across the bridge to the Swanson center (photo by Mikey)

Staying in shape

Piedmont college golfer, Eric Penland, makes a big stride to hit his backhand and return his opponent’s serve. He enjoys playing tennis to get some cardio in to stay in shape for his upcoming golf tournaments.

Michael Clardy, a junior at Piedmont, attempts to break his racket after loosing his tennis match to Eric.