Author: Joe Dennis

Prompt 8: Halloween

Halloween is Saturday. Will it be any different during the pandemic? Capture one photojournalistic photo of Halloween. Whether it’s a Halloween party, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, or watching some scary movies, your photo must include a person and a cutline.

Prompt 7: Walking Meditation

Photojournalist Duncan Davidson talked about “finding the photograph right in front of you” utilizing the process of “walking meditation.”

Sometime today, carve out 15-30 minutes to take a walk BY YOURSELF outside around campus with your smartphone. Use this opportunity to clear your mind and be in the moment, just you and your surroundings — no meanings, just beautiful visuals.

Find that one object you can see clearly — more clearly than ever before, “with new eyes.” Take the photo and post it, explaining what you are seeing for the first time.

This project is due by 7 p.m. today.

Prompt 4: Captions & Cutlines

Shoot and post two original action-oriented photos with a cutline. At least one photo should have a caption. The photos must have people in them and must feature at least one of the photojournalism characteristics: action, emotion, drama or unusualness. This is due before your in-person class meeting.

Prompt 2: COVID Campus

It’s great to be back on campus, right? But it’s also weird being here in the wake of COVID. Everyone in masks, classes on Zoom, empty sports fields, etc.

Shoot and post TWO photos that represent the prompt, “COVID campus.” Also, be sure to post a cutline for the photo, identifying anyone in the photo.

This will be due by the beginning of our next Zoom class, Friday, Aug. 21.