Author: Joe Dennis

Prompt 9: Easter Weekend

It’s a 3-day weekend for us as Piedmont, which is affiliated with the Christian Congregationalist Church, celebrates Easter weekend.

Whether you celebrate or not, capture an element of your 3-day weekend in 3 photos. At least two of the photos should have people, and at least one should include action. Include a cutline for each photo.

You should use your phone for this assignment.

Photo Prompt 8

Photo Exercise: Capturing Motion

Assignment: With your team and using a DSLR camera, shoot action photos using the following modes:

  • Sport/Action mode
  • Aperture Priority mode (A or AV)
  • Manual mode (M)

Post the best photo from your team in each category on


  • You will need to stage the action. Teams can work together shooting one person as a muse.
  • Photos must be taken with the provided DSLR camera.
  • Do not edit the posted photos. 
  • The final posted photos can be from anyone on your team, but I want all people to have practice shooting in each mode.
  • One person on your team should upload the three photos to the class blog immediately. No captions/cutlines are necessary, but list who took each photo.
  • I will need all cameras (unless you are checking it out for the weekend) by 2 p.m.
  • Winning team gets lunch. Losers get nothing. Seriously. Three boys are expensive.


  • Use the “sports photography” handout for information on settings.
  • Using manual mode takes a lot of practice and adjustments, and depends on the environment, so work together to figure out the best settings.
  • Figure it out. No whining.

Prompt 7: Spring Break!

You made it to Spring Break! 

Whether you’re going to the beach, working, sleeping all week or staying on campus for sports, take some photos that showcases your spring break, or at least an aspect of your spring break.

Use your phone for this prompt. Photos should be well-composed and of publishable quality. You can write individual cutlines or one general cutline (if that seems more appropriate) that starts with the phrase, “I spent my spring break …”

This assignment is due before our class meeting on March 7.

Prompt 3: Caps & Cuts

Using the criteria discussed in class (PPT is on Canvas), write a new caption and a cutline for at least two of your photos posted last weekend. You can also shoot two new action-oriented photos and provide a caption and cutline. The photos must have people in them and must feature at least one of the photojournalism characteristics: action, emotion, drama or unusualness.

IMPORTANT: Repost the photos in a new post. Do not just redo the cutlines in your original post.