Capping it all off

The stage is set in a quiet, empty Swanson Center Screening Room, which will soon be filled students and professors alike for the culmination of the Mass Communications journey for 10 seniors. Day One of senior capstone presentations have arrived.

Certain seats within the screening room have been reserved for the esteemed faculty of the Piedmont Mass Communications Department. Pictures above is the spot directly in front of the podium designated for Dr. Janice Moss.

The professors slowly file in as presentation time gets closer and all the capstone students prepare for their moment. Mass Comm senior Anya Olson(left) converses with other preparing capstone students as Dr. Melissa Tingle(right) approaches her seat.

Mass Comm senior Rowan Edmonds calling in some backup help with the computer before the room fills and time to prep runs out.

With a team effort from Professor Laura Hudgens(left) Anya Olson(right) and Rowan Edmonds(back), all technical issues are resolved and Murphy’s law is being denied on day one of presentations.

Making sure you’ve got those last minute notes remembered is something the capstone presenters are heavily focused on. Senior Andy Kline(middle) studies his note sheet and runs through his presentation one last time before the real thing.

After a successful day of presentations it’s all smiles from Andy Kline who just finished off his senior capstone at Piedmont University.

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