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Thus Begins the Advent

The first of December marks the beginning of Advent, a season observed by many Christian denominations. Vineyard Community Church in Marietta, Georgia began their celebration of the coming of Jesus with traditions new and old. With their love for this season and the family within their church, VCC filled their graveyard-neighbored strip mall rental with enough Christmas decor to make the place feel like a home.

Renowned worship leader Mike O’Brien belts out an original song written just the night before to honor the coming of Christ and the season of Advent.
Words to a well-loved worship song at VCC appear behind one of the many decorated trees that adorn the sanctuary.
Two members of VCC’s Youth program light the first candle for Advent after reading a short scripture relating to the holy season. One candle will be lit each Sunday until Christmas when the church celebrates the coming of Christ, and the largest and final candle is lit.
After the first candle is lit, the church sits in a meditative quiet before beginning communion. 
Two trees sit along the front of the sanctuary reading “peace” and “joy.” 
After a fairly full Sunday service, only three communion cups remain.
No one is too young to participate, a group of children listens to instructions from children’s minister Gisel Wilson to prepare for their Christmas play.
The day ends with the youth program writing words of inspiration to get them through their last few weeks of school on their hand-painted wall chalkboard.

Final Projects

Sophomore English Education major Calia Mayfield views “Poor Possibilities/Rich Realizations,” a photography exhibit, by Joshua McGowan at the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art.
“When you’re close to them, they don’t seem real,” Mayfield says. “Art is scary.”


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