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Photo Story: Graduation Day!

Senior lacrosse player Jared Brock has been a student-athlete here at Piedmont for four years now, and has finally reached his graduation. Jared is an applied health science major, and has been on the men’s lacrosse team all four years while he has been here. Jared helped the men’s lacrosse team win their first conference championship his freshman season, and has helped the lions to two more conference championship games since then. Jared is an academic all American and has worked extremely hard to achieve everything that he has during his time at Piedmont.

Jared studying for his last final exam ever at Piedmont!
Jared gets ready for his big moment to walk across the stage. Nothing better than looking spiffy on your big day.
Jared Brock and his mother Gina Brock have an emotional hug after the ceremony.
What’s a celebration without eating dinner with your family. Jared chose to eat dinner and spend time with his family at Olive Garden.
Having a team that supports you every step of the way is very meaningful.
Big smiles all around after graduating here at Piedmont.
This Piedmont diploma was well earned.

Photo meditation

This is a tree I walk past almost everyday to class. Now that it is spring the tree is blooming it’s unique ball shaped cluster of flowers. I was drawn to how unique the shape of the flowers were, I have never seen this before.

Easter weekend

On April 16th 2022, my boyfriend (Jared Brock) and I adventured out to Tallulah Falls. This hike was definitely worth the views!
After our adventure out to Tallulah Falls, we went back to Piedmont to shower up and enjoy a nice date night at the Copper Pot. I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes there, Spaghetti and meatballs.
This weekend I also got to catch up with my Best-friend Avery Perry and her boyfriend Jose Linares. We enjoyed the night out roaming around Atlanta.