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Caption and cutline

Caption: Snack break
Cutline: senior Caitlyn Worthy stops and picks up a handful of snow to snack on. Who doesn’t love a bite of fresh cold snow, as long as it’s not yellow right?
Caption: sleigh away
Cutline: Senior Madison Comer takes her first spin down the village hill. Screaming with excitement she quickly zoomed down the hill at high speeds.


Close up of Frozen tree branches I thought was pretty cool.
My friend sledding down the hill at the village.
Yes we woke up early to go play in the snow. This was the first picture I took when we went outside.
Thought this was funny to include. We made a ramp at the bottom of the hill to sled over. Everyone went flying.
This weekend we also celebrated my roomies birthday.
The boys building a snowman, and yes it did get ran over after.

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