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Cooperate vs. Local

There is a major difference between working for a cooperate coffee shop and a local coffee shop. From the speed of work, the customer interaction, and pay wage, cooperate businesses and local business come with their own strengths and weakness. Working for both a local coffee shop, Temperance Fine Coffee, and for a cooperate coffee shop, Dunkin’ Donuts, it is obvious finding the differences between local and cooperate.


4:00 AM morning shift workers work together to complete one customer’s order, a hot latte, iced coffee, and three donuts. It is essential to work together at Dunkin’ in order to give customers the fast service that is expected.

Working alone is more than normal at Temperance Fine Coffee as it is located in a less populated city and does not have a drive through window. One benefit of the local coffee shop, Temperance Fine Coffee, is the calmness and stress-free persona.


Shift leader, Kennedy Horne, makes a French Vanilla iced coffee for herself in order to survive the morning rush of customers. It is almost essential for early morning workers at Dunkin’ to overdose on caffeine in order to work through the morning.

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Providing the simplicity a local coffee shop needs, everything any specialty drink needs is all in one place and never seems to run out. On the other hand, Dunkin’ runs out of a flavor on average every other day.

Being overly stocked with every supply is crucial to run a busy cooperate business such as Dunkin’. Having endless supplies in the back of the store is a must to be successful.

Having a written menu is practical for a local coffee shop as there are much fewer items on the menu and owners often change menu items and prices as they please. However, Dunkin’ has a much larger, digital menu as this menu is a national menu across all Dunkin’ Donuts in the country.

Selling merchandise and artwork from local individuals is found at Temperance Fine Coffee. Selling anything other than the Dunkin’ Donuts brand would get me fired…

Using a headset at Dunkin’ is essential for communication between the other workers. Without a headset, working would be chaotic and unorganized resulting in unhappy customers.

For the holiday season, Dunkin replaces sprinkles with snowflakes.

Disclaimer: I could not get an interaction shot because neither of my bosses would let me.