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Student Life and COVID Precautions

The average day of a Piedmont College student looks much different now than it did a year ago. With all of the masks and plexiglass dividers, it almost feels like a different world all together.

Beka Stegmayer, a junior exercise science major, walks to class on an average day.
Beka starts her days by picking a mask. As a college student, you should never leave the dorm without it.
Beka must wear a mask whenever she enters a building on campus. This protects herself and others from COVID.
While navigating campus, Beka must follow arrows that indicate entrances and exits. This is to provide a one way flow of traffic.
While many things have changed, the bookstore still allows Beka to pick up and drop off her books in person.
Beka must complete her Lion Check and a temperature check before taking part in any athletic activities on campus.
Masks must still be worn during physical activities in the gym. This keeps Beka from contracting COVID, and it helps improve her cardiovascular health.
Getting food in the cafe looks a little different for Beka now. She can no longer serve herself, she instead must have a worker fill her plate from behind a wall of plexiglass.

Building a Forensic Science Program

The importance of the Forensic Science program at Piedmont cannot be overstated. Professor Willis took the program with hardly any direction and turned it into a program that actually solves crimes.

AMA Adopts a Family

                         ANNA WATSON
Participating in Adopt-A-Family, the Walker School of Business’s American Management Association (AMA) club at Piedmont College “adopted” the Rivera family in order to provide them with a joyful Christmas season in 2020.

The campus ministry at Piedmont College hosts the Adopt-A-Family fundraiser annually around the end of November. It had to be pushed up this year due to the early release of Piedmont students. Unfortunately, decrease risks they had to downsize as well – providing for half as many families as they normally do. Many faculty donate gifts for families to help provide a bountiful Christmas for local children in Demorest, Georgia, including Dr. Dale Van Cantfort. AMA decided to raise the funds by asking students to donate and be entered into a gift card raffle. AMA had a donation table set up for three days where students where also able to sign a giant Christmas card (designed by Anya Olsen and Jade Edwards) on Nov. 6, 8 and 9. In addition to student-raised funds, AMA got a generous donation from Temperance Coffee House and nearly reached their goal of 200 dollars.

Jade Edwards, Madison Voshall and Professor Sales went to Walmart to shop for the Rivera family.

Addressed to the Rivera children, Brian, Yennifer, and Lelia, the giant Christmas card was signed by each student that donated and any passersby who felt like giving some holiday cheer to the Rivera family. AMA had the card and donation area set up in the commons Nov. 6, 8 and 9.
After communicating with Ms. Rivera, Jade Edwards reviewed the Christmas wish list with Madison Voshall. Before heading into the store, Jade Edwards looked up the gifts online to check if they were in stock and ensure there was enough money budgeted to cover all the costs.
On Nov. 19, Madison Voshall (left), Jade Edwards (right) and Professor Sales (not pictured, hiding behind the aisle on the right) embarked on their Walmart mission to provide for the Rivera children.
Over estimating the number of things they were going to buy, Sales grabbed three shopping carts. Doing their best to guess the correct size hoodie for the 12 year-old daughter, Edwards and Voshall discuss which hoody is the best gift.
Filling up their cart, Voshall, Edwards and Sales worked the toy section aisle by aisle to fulfill the children’s Christmas lists.
Attempting to get a more grown-up necklace for the oldest girl, Voshall and Edwards discuss which necklace would be best. With plenty of donations available, they quit arguing and settled on purchasing both necklaces.
Not only filled with presents, the Sales decided to give them a gingerbread house kit that they could do as a family, as well as gift wrapping supplies. After being well under budget, Sales decided to give the remainder of their funds to Revered Tim to help provide for more families.
Dividing the gifts up by child in the Walmart parking lot, Sales, Voshall and Edwards put the gifts into large trash bags to be taken to the Reverend’s office.
More treasure than trash, Reverend Tim and his employees have to ensure that each bag is properly labeled upon delivery. They may not be Santa’s red velvet bag, but these trash bags are bringing Christmas spirit into the homes of many Demorest families.
Most families are “adopted” by a single faculty member, AMA decided to do it a little differently and go above and beyond by raising 190 dollars. Unfortunately, only 12 families are receiving donations this year from Piedmont campus ministries, pre-COVID-19, they would donate to nearly 20 families.

Game Day

Look good feel good . Captain Miranda McNalley’s uniforms are out and ready. Uniforms are the first step to playing a game because it unites the team and brings pride to players.
Focus, Focus, Focus. #1 McNalley fixes her pre-wrap as she mentally prepares for her upcoming game. Prep like this is essentially to mentally preparing yourself to play a physically and emotionally demanding game.
Fits like a Glove. McNalley gets ready for her game by strapping on her gloves— the most important aspect of being a goalie.
Teamwork makes the dream work. Captain McNalley and Sophomore teammate Abby Ryan fist bump before the game—- a tradition they have do every game.
Winding Up. McNalley starts the game off strong with a goal kick looking to find one of her teammates to keep possession.
1 versus 1. McNalley goes 1 v 1 versus the forward on the other team. She looks for the right opportunity to dive and save the shot.
A shot and No Goal! McNalley saves the shot with a dive to her right side. McNalley ends the game with a shutout—- meaning she had no goals scored against her.
An Empty Lions Field. After the game is completed, the field is cleaned up and the players leave. A long day of afternoon soccer calls for the shade and cool air to creep in.