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My Three Day Weekend

One of my roomates and teammates after grilling burgers

Caught a cool pic of my building at night on Friday

This would be another roommate of mine post grilling out on Saturday

This would be Rambo my teammate chris taking him for a late night walk on Sunday.

About Me

This is me and some of my teammates going to cheer on the women’s soccer team.

Piedmont MLAX. (Photo: Karl L. Moore/Mooreshots)

Im on the lacrosse team here at Piedmont and this was captured before one of our home games last year.

This was from last December at a Whiskey Meyers concert which is one of my favorite brands.

Went to cloudcroft New Mexico this summer with some of my close friends and this was taken from the top of the mountain.

This was taken last year after one of our fall ball scrimmages and this is one of my hometown friends who I played against.

This was me and some Buddys after the braves won it all last year.

This was captured off the coast in Florida while I was deep sea fishing with my cousin and caught this.

Me and my good friends took a trip to his lake house after we graduated to Arkansas

This was taken in Dallas during my last high school game in the state championship.

Huge UGA fan so this was taken before a game.