Author: anyaolson10

Game Day

Look good feel good . Captain Miranda McNalley’s uniforms are out and ready. Uniforms are the first step to playing a game because it unites the team and brings pride to players.
Focus, Focus, Focus. #1 McNalley fixes her pre-wrap as she mentally prepares for her upcoming game. Prep like this is essentially to mentally preparing yourself to play a physically and emotionally demanding game.
Fits like a Glove. McNalley gets ready for her game by strapping on her gloves— the most important aspect of being a goalie.
Teamwork makes the dream work. Captain McNalley and Sophomore teammate Abby Ryan fist bump before the game—- a tradition they have do every game.
Winding Up. McNalley starts the game off strong with a goal kick looking to find one of her teammates to keep possession.
1 versus 1. McNalley goes 1 v 1 versus the forward on the other team. She looks for the right opportunity to dive and save the shot.
A shot and No Goal! McNalley saves the shot with a dive to her right side. McNalley ends the game with a shutout—- meaning she had no goals scored against her.
An Empty Lions Field. After the game is completed, the field is cleaned up and the players leave. A long day of afternoon soccer calls for the shade and cool air to creep in.