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Piedmont student sings his version of “Lay Me Down” (Sam Smith) for the audience at Open Mic Night back in August. The performers were all required to wear masks, even while singing, in order to follow the precautions for the COVID-19 outbreak.

There was a large audience at the first Open Mic Night of the 2020 school year. This Piedmont College student brings the energy to get the large crowd pumped up as he dances and sings on stage.

Hispanic Heritage Night

Junior Lucio Ruiz poses while he waits for students to visit his booth at the Hispanic Heritage Night Event. His booth featured different accessories, such as boots, belts and sombreros.
Various Hispanic countries were put on display in the Student Commons Conference Room. Each country had a different focus, some booths focused on culture, music and the country’s history.

Piedmont Alum explains the purpose of writing letters to scholarship donors to a current scholarship holder. Many alumni grant money to current students to help with finances through college, as writing letters is one way students say thanks for the donations.

Student, Christain Castro, signs in to the “Grateful Lion” event in order to write his thank you letter to his scholarship donor. This event was held in the student commons on September 29, 2020 in order for all students to show their gratitude to Piedmont Alumni.