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Photo story

Micheal Thomason is a junior, Sports communication major here at Piedmont university. Mike is a person with a rare work ethic, someone who is always working to be better than the day before. As a pitcher on the baseball team mike works out to maintain his body and his mind. Even when the gym call his name due to baseball, it is also Mike’s happy place. Mike sadly underwent UCL surgery, also known as Tommy John, his sophomore season. This injury required Mike to have to stretch on a daily basis with the stretches provided to him by a doctor. The Georgia native also makes sure he gets in his throwing for that certain day. As a pitcher, Mike has to train his arm to perform at peak performance. To do this, Mike will long toss, throw a flat ground bullpen or throw a true full go bullpen to work on his craft. Mike is a friend unlike any other, he is someone you can always count on and trust with your life. The Jaguars fan will always represent the team even if they do only win 4 games in a season. The super fan will always look to play the GM role even during the draft when he is in 802, walking around as if he is right there in the draft room with the front office of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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