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Photo Story-Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport that takes up a lot of time and a sport that affects you greatly if you miss a practice. Conner FitzGearld is a midfielder on the Piedmont Men’s Lacross team. He loves the sport and even though these past few days he has been out due to strep throat and could not play, he did not let that stop him from working hard and supporting his team.

Lacrosse is a sport that requires forces, effort and determination.
There are many different parts of gear you wear, while playing Lacrosse to protect you. Each piece of gear has its own purpose and way of protecting you.
Taking care of your body is a requirement when playing a sport, especially when it requires as much effort as Lacrosse. Eating right, stretching and sleep are very important factors.
Practice makes perfect, put in the work on and off the field whether its a game or not.
Conner throws the ball against the trampoline, to help him practice alone and to help keep his skills sharp.
Stance, is a big part of Lacross if your not standing or angled right the ball may not go where you want or wrose you could hurt yourself or somebody eles.
“being part of a team that all cares and works togther is a feeling you will never forget, you wont find it anywhere else” said conner.

Even though conner has got other offers to play Lacrosse at other school he couldn’t be happier with his final decision.

Photo Story: Graduation Day!

Senior lacrosse player Jared Brock has been a student-athlete here at Piedmont for four years now, and has finally reached his graduation. Jared is an applied health science major, and has been on the men’s lacrosse team all four years while he has been here. Jared helped the men’s lacrosse team win their first conference championship his freshman season, and has helped the lions to two more conference championship games since then. Jared is an academic all American and has worked extremely hard to achieve everything that he has during his time at Piedmont.

Jared studying for his last final exam ever at Piedmont!
Jared gets ready for his big moment to walk across the stage. Nothing better than looking spiffy on your big day.
Jared Brock and his mother Gina Brock have an emotional hug after the ceremony.
What’s a celebration without eating dinner with your family. Jared chose to eat dinner and spend time with his family at Olive Garden.
Having a team that supports you every step of the way is very meaningful.
Big smiles all around after graduating here at Piedmont.
This Piedmont diploma was well earned.

Photo story

Micheal Thomason is a junior, Sports communication major here at Piedmont university. Mike is a person with a rare work ethic, someone who is always working to be better than the day before. As a pitcher on the baseball team mike works out to maintain his body and his mind. Even when the gym call his name due to baseball, it is also Mike’s happy place. Mike sadly underwent UCL surgery, also known as Tommy John, his sophomore season. This injury required Mike to have to stretch on a daily basis with the stretches provided to him by a doctor. The Georgia native also makes sure he gets in his throwing for that certain day. As a pitcher, Mike has to train his arm to perform at peak performance. To do this, Mike will long toss, throw a flat ground bullpen or throw a true full go bullpen to work on his craft. Mike is a friend unlike any other, he is someone you can always count on and trust with your life. The Jaguars fan will always represent the team even if they do only win 4 games in a season. The super fan will always look to play the GM role even during the draft when he is in 802, walking around as if he is right there in the draft room with the front office of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Marion Sloyan Tournament Day

As the Piedmont Women’s Tennis team fights their way to the Conference Championships, every player has worked their hardest for their team. One particular player, a sophomore from Greensboro North Carolina, Marion Sloyan, has given nothing short of her all for her team, the Piedmont Lady Lions. She has gone from battling for her position in the line up last season to the Piedmont Women’s Tennis #4 singles throughout the entire conference tournament this season in hopes of winning a championship, and the beautiful ring that comes with it. Pictured below is a typical Tournament day with Marion Sloyan.

Sophomore Marion Sloyan finishes every long day and wakes up every morning before play with her Smart Water Tangerine Tranquility drink. She keeps hydrated the night before a big match at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Rome Georgia on April 27th, 2022.
Marion’s tennis racket remains out of her bag, ready for her warm up after a dynamic stretch with the Piedmont Women’s Tennis team at the Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022. This is the only rest her strings will see until her singles match is over.
Marion Sloyan, #4 singles for Piedmont Women’s Tennis, is prepared and delighted to accept her challenge as her match is about to begin against Pfieffer University at the Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022.
Marion Sloyan’s cheery smile is never brighter as she runs one last drill before matchplay with Piedmont Women’s Tennis Head Coach, Trey Martin, at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022.
Marion’s battle at #4 singles for Piedmont Women’s Tennis begins as she takes control of the point and makes her way to the net. Marion’s goal is to assert dominance in order to finish on top against Pfieffer University at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022.
Marion Sloyan is seen grinding on the run with fierce eyes on the tennis ball as she powers through her match against Pfieffer University at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022.
Marion reels in the #4 singles match win in straight sets against Pfieffer University and shakes her opponents hand as the sportsmanlike player she is at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022.
Marion Sloyan (middle) encourages her teammates, Alyssa McSpadden (left) and Dakota Wilkes (right) after winning her singles match because her day is not complete without supporting her team as she always does at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022. Marion’s team spirit and positivity has earned her the Lions Heart Award previously in the season, which she upholds every time she sets foot on a tennis court.
After pep-talking her teammates as they continue to play, Marion Sloyan (left) is seen clapping and cheering for her team, Piedmont Women’s Tennis, with a freshman teammate, Anna Lassiter (right) at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022. Marion is constantly showing her inner Lions Heart.
Marion finishes her long tournament day by attending the USA South Awards Ceremony at Rome Tennis Center in Rome Georgia on April 28th, 2022. Marion received First Team All-Conference Award thanks to her fighting spirit and her superb sportsmanship through her Piedmont Women’s Tennis career. Her accomplishments are difficult, yet she makes them look easy by being an incredibly admirable individual on and off the tennis court.