Author: connormoranos

Semi-Pro Climber?

Noah Wood set a goal to climb Jeep Streak 5.12a by the end of the 2020 semester. By climbing this rout Noah would be considered a semi-pro climber. Climbing is graded with a series of numbers and letters, beginners can climb a 5.5a to a 5.8b, intermediate can climb 5.9a to 5.11c, and professional climbers are 5.12a to 5.14a. Despite covid-19 he trained and kept his sights set on this goal. On November 17, 2020 he headed up to Currahee Mountain to attempt Jeep Streak.

Noah showing us everything he will use to climb Jeep Streak(5.12a)
Every sport requires a warm up and climbing is no different. to warm up in climbing you start on easier routs. Noah is of Offwidth(5.9).
Warming up takes more than one route. No Name Crack(5.9)
Climbing isn’t as simple as “up”. As Noah stares at the wall he is rehearsing the moves and refreshing his memory about where to grab and where to place his foot.
Conversing with other climbers about what to do at the crux(hardest part on the climb).
A climber needs his shoes just like how a painter needs his brushes. Both are artists.
Halfway through the climb, Noah is crushing it and is keeping his eyes high so he knows where to go.
Holding on for dear life, Noah grabs the best hold on the route. This hold id big enough for him to put more than his first finger pad on the rock. Most of the holds on the route are just big enough for your fingertips, up to the first knuckle.
Noah and his belayer celebrating the successful attempt of Jeep Streak(5.12a). Noah can now be considered a semi-pro