Author: BGowen

Day in the Life of a Cart Attendant

Almost an empty cart barn at the Country Club of Gwinnett. No carts means a busy day on the course.
This is Ben Durkin, a freshman at Piedmont and also a cart boy at the course. Today’s his first day back at the course for winter break!
Ben unplugs the carts to take them out to the line for people to use. The most important part of the job is making sure the carts are charged for the day.
When the picker cart is down, sadly you have to handpick balls off the range. Ben is seen here handpicking range balls from the practice green.
In this close up, you can see Ben in the background going to take the picked balls to the ball washer to be cleaned.
Even when things may run smooth, there’s always a bad day. This is a totaled cart the boys had to tow back up to the barn.
At the end of each day, no matter how hard it may be, Ben ends up with views like this cleaning up the course.