MUA for a Gender Reveal!

My sister, Destine Jackson, has a great passion for makeup and hair. She became a certified makeup artist when she graduated Piedmont Technical College in May of 2018. She has done makeup for graduation photos, baby showers, gender reveals, birthdays, prom, and even professional photo shoots. I was able to capture a few moments while she was doing what she loves for her friend’s , Kenya Carter, gender reveal. Destine Jackson has found that when she is able to do a practice makeup session, the actual day of the event runs a lot smoother.

I believe that this brush holder was perfect for my sister, Destine Jackson, because this is what she does everyday. She loves what she does and would not choose any other career path.
New mom to be, Kenya Carter, is ready for her practice make up look for her gender reveal party which was in the next couple of days on April 29th in Stone Mountain, Ga. She is very excited and she hopes it is a boy.
Shaniah Williams wanted to be included so she waited patiently for her make up to be done next. She strongly believes that the baby will be a girl, so she requested a pick look.
Kenya Carter loved everything about her makeup and thought that my sister, Destine Jackson, delivered a great natural look. She felt extremely confident in Destine’s abilities to do her makeup on the big day.
Both Kenya (Left) and Shaniah (Right) wanted to show off their new makeup. They felt gorgeous and could not wait to settle their debate about the gender of the baby.
On April 29th in Stone Mountain, Ga, Destine Jackson (Left), Kenya Carter (Middle), Shaniah Williams (Right), and Oscar Mitchel (Bottom) all pose for a picture at the gender reveal party. It was a GIRL!

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