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Free 3-day weekend? Nope Work :(

I spent my MLK weekend at Walgreens.
Multitasking at its finest. Gracie checking out a customer all while snacking on Hot Fries.
We were not happy about having to put up multiple totes full of makeup.
How many people does it take to close a box? It takes two of course.
A close up of just a little bit of the makeup that had to be put away.

Alexis Ware’s Photo Autobiography

This is majority of my family. This photo includes my stepbrother (Imari), stepmother (Denette), dad (Anthony), sister (Trinity), brother (Iverson), and his wife (Haley).

This is my older sister Destine. This photo was taken at Myrtle Beach last year. We come here A LOT.

This is my boyfriend Jabari.
My handsome boy Titan. He is a blue nose Pitbull.
This is Salt (Fat Boi). He is the ruler of the house. However, he was not happy this day because the vet put him on a special diet.
I enjoy horseback riding with my friends back home.
This is one of my favorite photos I have taken of my dog when he was a puppy.
I also love this picture that was taken the last time it snowed here.