Author: Cameron Verona

Leaving College Baseball: Poor Treatment, Unfair Decisions, and the Road Ahead

Addison Mock is a driven, hard-working and very good baseball player who knows what he wants. Facing poor treatment by a coaching staff who has their priorities in the wrong order, he looks toward the future and faces a crossroads on whether or not to leave Piedmont College’s baseball team or depart for a new challenge: The Pros.
Addison Mock walking out of his dorm room and headed to his car for baseball practice. He wonders how many more he will attend considering how poorly he is being treated by the coaching staff.
Addison taking a nap and time to think about how to approach the situation. He is fast asleep, and hopes that sleeping will clear his mind and help him determine what to do.
Needing other opinions, Addison calls to his dad on the phone to discuss leaving the baseball team or remaining in a bad situation. His father has been with him since the beginning of his career and is his closest and most cherished advisor.
Having finally reached a decision, Addison presents his text message proudly to his roommates. Having the burden of negativity lifted off his shoulders, he remains filled only with happiness and positivity.
Still pursuing his dream to play in the pros, there are no days off for Addison as he heads into the gym. A baseball player needs to be explosive and powerful, especially professionals, and that is exactly what he will gain from today.
Tossing around heavy weights on leg day, Addison pulls up an easy 455lbs on deadlift. At around 230lbs, his power knows no bounds and he will surely prevail in his goals.
Making even further progress, Addison signed up for an independent league tryout for baseball to further his career as a professional. With his positivity, explosive power, and wisdom of an enlightened mind, he is sure to come away with a spot on the roster.