Author: Cameron Verona


Tallulah Falls students Kat Williams and Tilshon Leary play interviewer and interviewee during Professor Jackon’s teaching session in the television studio.
Professor Tingle closing up her first session on web design and paving the way for the next group of malleable minds from Tallulah Falls School.
Professor Jackson inspiring the this particular group of Tallulah Falls students bathed in the angelic glow from the critical three-point lighting she teaches in the TV studio.

Business Trip

pic 1
The Piedmont Men’s Soccer team have arrived in Greensboro, NC for their second match of the weekend against Greensboro College. The squad is stone-cold serious as they prepare to face the number one team from the East Conference.
pic 2
Freshman Sebastian Fernandez (left) and senior Victor Muñoz (right) get touches in before a match against William-Peace University. The surface is perfect and these two cannot resist trying it out.
pic 3
Piedmont’s Men’s Soccer team getting kitted up before their first match of the weekend against William-Peace University. The boys are ready as ever to fight for three points in this important contest.
pic 4
“Take another one”

Sports Photography

The Piedmont Women’s Volleyball team joining hands in celebration of their victory over Toccoa Falls. The Lions won 3 out of 5 sets and trailed by as many as 6 points in their last set, making the win that much more impressive.
Senior outside hitter Erica Balkcum penetrating the Toccoa Falls defense with a well-placed spike. The Eagles amassed a look of combined confusion as the ball’s speed prevented any reaction from the players on the ground.

IMG_2840The aftermath of the Erica Balkcum spike, leaving Toccoa Falls in shambles. The Lady Lions all crowding around the net to prevent any and all possibilities of a return ball from the Eagles.

Junior Alina Roberts returning a Toccoa Falls advance. Roberts is getting some serious air and power behind ball.

The Four(th Time I’ve Tried This)

Mass Communications majors Laura Platé (left) and Hadley Cottingham (right) toss around topic ideas for The Four. The look of frustration alludes the tough task of organizing everything and running a smooth show.
A few of The Four staff (pictured left to right: Laura Platé, Hollis Meyer, Hadley Cottingham) brainstorming for their upcoming webshow. The staff are hard at work organizing their September 27th show.
Senior Nathan Blackburn keeping the mood light in contrast of the stress planning The Four brings. No one will ever know what he was truly writing on this whiteboard.
The Church Clap. Sparta kick the heretics and backhand the disbelievers.

Piedmont Student Life: An Everyday Event

Freshman Bryson Teal prepares his coffee to get him through the long day ahead. Bryson can be spotted around the Commons Starbucks nearly every morning gathering his fuel for the day.
Sophomore Mass Communications major Tyler Goins taking what little time he has to relax before class. He is preoccupying himself on his phone, most likely to get away from the stress Radio is known to cause.
Freshman Jared Grage perusing the Piedmont College bookstore’s wares in search of new digs. Adding to his wardrobe collection is one of his favorite pastimes to break the monotony of his daily routine.d

Labor Day

laborday 1
Senior Chemistry major Addison Mock preferring the sweet relief of sleep instead of his homework.
laborday 2
The Piedmont Men’s Soccer team on their way to take on Berry College in Rome, GA.
laborday 3
Piedmont seniors Logan Mikell (left) and Sydney Schuster sharing a touching moment and enjoying quality content on the television.