Author: Mallocco22

Photo Meditation

  1. TRICK OR TREAT: When I saw this it reminded me that even with all the chaos of classes I can can still celebrate holidays. 
  2. Pumpkins: Even decorating pumpkins the slightest is stress free
  3. Watermelon: When I walked pass this room with the mat, the bright red popped out and made me think of happiness. 
  4. Awareness: It’s the small thing that matters and walking past this board made me stop and think about the small things in life. 

Maria and Tyler

  1. Street Long Shot: Looking down Georgia Street on rainy day there’s not much activity happening. 
  2.  Medium 1: Did someone say birds eye?? Pictured above is a bird that is looking yonder for its mate. 
  3. Medium 2: Senior Theatre Major, Joe Chance works vigorously in the Student Commons on a homework deadline.
  4. Medium 3: Sophomore exercise science major Jade Edwards, gets caught in action walking outside the student commons to head to class.
  5. Close up: Sophomore Jade Edwards makes sure to wear her mask everywhere on campus, even outside.
  6. Wildcard: Pictured above is a vintage bird that sits on top of someones bicycle.

Sports Photos

  1. Sophomore Connor Creedon does warmups before practice. Connor is a cross country runner who is determined to break school records. 
  2. Sophomore Nakiyah Washington (right) and Sophomore Alexis Ware (left) get some shots up before practice. Nakiyah and Alexis both get to the gym 30 minutes before each practice to have friendly competition.