Author: Mallocco22

News/Event Photography

  1. Pictured above Sophia Delgado (left) and best friend Sam Seymour (right) sit at the tables in the commons to get away after doing homework. Also pictured their cute masks at which they got to create at the event they attended, hosted by Piedmont College. 
  2. Christophe Donsereaux (Sophomore) gets some extra shots up before his intramural game that takes place at 8pm. He is one of many guys that comes out every night to destress from school. 

Maria, Brittany and Joey

  1. A droplet of water in nature, but look closely towards the outside ring, is there a picture of something more? 
  2. Pictured above is a young mans hands after he works out.
  3. Professor Bowers of Piedmont College is captured as he wears the mask of the culture he teaches. 
  4. Sammy Carvallo (Sophomore) at Piedmont is caught taking notes during her lecture class. 
  5. Exercising is very important to Madison Voshall (above) a Junior at Piedmont College who runs five miles a day on the treadmil.
  6. Mario Perezcassar, a Sophomore at Piedmont College likes to ride his longboard to and from class. 
  7. Joey Brovont, a Senior at Piedmont leaps off the swing for an action shot.
  8. Joey Brovont, (Senior) poses for a long shot, but little did he know the focus is of Maria Allocco (Junior) in the background.


Photo Creds: 1,2,8 Brittany Gowen a Senior at Piedmont

 3,4 Joey Brovont a Senior at Piedmont 

5,6,7 Maria Allocco a Junior at Piedmont


Naughty List

  1. Piedmont College’s Chief of Police, Jim Andrews writes a parking ticket for a parking violation.
  2. Chief  Jim Andrews of Piedmont College places a ticket on the windshield of a violator.