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Caption: Snack break
Cutline: senior Caitlyn Worthy stops and picks up a handful of snow to snack on. Who doesn’t love a bite of fresh cold snow, as long as it’s not yellow right?
Caption: sleigh away
Cutline: Senior Madison Comer takes her first spin down the village hill. Screaming with excitement she quickly zoomed down the hill at high speeds.

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Caption: Being Sneaky

Cutline: Arrow sneaking around the Christmas presents underneath the tree on December 16,2021. Due to the fact he is not allowed to climb the tree, he has decided to sneak around underneath, thinking that no one will notice him.

Caption: 4-Wheeler Fun

Cutline: Brian Wood rode a 4-wheeler down the hill at his house on January 16,2022. Since there was nowhere to go due to the roads having snow on them there is only one thing to do and that is to get out the 4-wheeler and ride around in the snow.

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Caption: Snow Moves Church Services to Sofas
Cutline: Theresa Kodrowski watches 12Stone church’s online service from home in her living room with a warm fire. Due to snow and ice canceling many in-person church services on MLK weekend, a lot of churches decided to shift their teachings to online broadcasts, so that families can enjoy church from home.
Caption: Georgia is Blanketed in White
Cutline: Matt Kodrowski tries to catch snowflakes in the backyard of his Lawrenceville home. Snow fell in vast areas of the state of Georgia during MLK weekend, and residents like Kodrowski made the most of their time as they could.

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Caption: Just go with the snow!

Cutline: Piedmont student, Madelyn Parris, ran to the store to buy a sled before the snow hit the ground on campus. Filled with so much excitement, waking up at 7am was easy for her on this three day weekend, unlike waking up for an 8am class Monday morning!

Caption: Show us what you got!

Cutline: A group of Piedmont women’s soccer players were invited to watch the women’s soccer ID camp held on campus over the weekend to check out some of the future lions and potential recruits. Jillian Addy (left) and Rylie Dingfelder (right) sat on the sidelines to discuss all the awesome talent!