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Double Portrait: Noah Wood

Noah Profile Shot
President of the Klimbing Klub, Noah Wood has made climbing at Piedmont College a big hit this semester. Once afraid of heights, now Noah challenges himself and others who pass by the rockwall to climb to their limits. Noah’s favorite thing to do while climbing is to perform a “dyno” which means to make a dynamic movement that uses momentum to get to the next hold. (A giant leap) In his spare time, Noah likes to ride out on his longboard whenever he can and enjoys riding to class on sunny days.

Noah ClimbingNoah Long Boarding

Mass Comm Day Experience

Interview Mass Comm Day
Junior, Keke Raiford (right) from Cedar Schoals High School. Interviews Sophomore, Yuya Mizuno from Tallulah Falls High School. This exercise was part of professor Jackson’s video seesion held inside the TV studio.
DVC (left) teaching Sophomore Tamia Moss from Tallulah Falls High School how to use a cardioid microphone. She later went on the air and talked about CAB’s upcoming monster mash event.
Dakota Donuts
Senior, Dakota Stockton caught slipping away from the screening room session to get his snack on. He later commented, “don’t take pictures of me! The picture could be used for a politician scandal.”