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Piedmont Cabaret Preview Night

Piedmont Cabaret Lead Jordan
The kit kat girls lead by master of ceremonies Jordan Hicks (front) in Cabaret. Kit Kat girls from left to right are: Chelsea Harris, Lizzy Carver, Chandler Allen, Hannah Tussey, Caitlin Fisher, and Marion Mealor.
Jordan & Gorrilla Jew
In this silly rendition of making fun of jews. The master of ceremonies (Jordan Hicks right) dances with Cheyenne Turner who is in a gorilla costume.
Cabaret Garret Nazi
Ernst Ludwig a German Nazi played by Sophomore Garret Smith. Stands in complete dominance. Cabaret is a play set in 1931 Berlin depicting the rise in power of the Nazis.

Sporting Event Pictures: Brevard College vs Men’s soccer & Bob Jones University vs Lady Lions Volleyball

Nick Pope Goal
After Senior, Victor Munoz (#10 in disbelief) hits the crossbar. Junior, Nick Pope (#20) flys in to head the ball in the back of net against Brevard College in the 77th minute. Others pictured in the photo include Brevard players, Adam Spencer, (#23) Jackson Riddle, (Left #20) and Eric Lenhart (#5).
Nick Pope Goal Celebration
After taking a late 2-1 lead over Brevard College. Teammates Victor Munoz, (Left #10) Lule Tekilemariam, (#24) Ian Anderson, (#3) celebrate with goalscorer Nick Pope (#20).
Alina Roberts Spike
Junior, Alina Roberts (#18) gets ready to spike down a huge kill against Bob Jones University. This would be the beginning of a huge comeback from the lady lions.
Lady Lions Volleyball Celebration
In true comeback fashion, the Lady Lion volleyball team pulled out a 3-2 win over Bob Jones University Tuesday September, 17. Pictured are Lainey Choiniere, (#1) Destinee Jackson, (#7) Alina Roberts, (#18) Ali Wilkins, (#9) Becca Balon, (#23) and Jessica Beil (#16).

Event Photos: Six Flags and a Debate Club Meeting

X in Six Flags
After riding the Dare Devil Dive Rollercoaster. Sophomore, Angela Allen put the X in Six Flags. I guess you could say she was X-cited to go on the Six Flags trip; the Campus Activities board hosted on September 14th.
Batman Ride
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN! A group of Piedmont College students took a trip to Six flags on Saturday, September 14th and rode Batman The Ride. The ride traveled as fast as the batman theme song.
Debate Club Meeting
Update in Debate. The debate club met Monday, September 23rd to go over Suicide Prevention Month discussions. Belle Hudson, (left) Nicole Thomas, (pictured center) Jaela Dodson, (right) and Dr. Moss each spoke about how impactful this month’s awareness can be. 


Photoshop Exercise/Wow I’m Bad at This

Joe's Family bGame
The Dennis family got infected with grayscale (Game of Thrones reference)
Disaster Drill Levels
Levels and Curves
Joe's Kids Drowning
Rule of Thirds
Jaydon Pitching
(Crop Photo)
Joe is the New Manager of the White Sox
After yet another disappointing baseball season coming to an end. The Chicago White Sox fire manager Rick Renteria and hire little league star coach Joe Dennis in hopes of making it back to the postseason.

Labor Day Weekend

Poala Trujillo (left) Jena Conley (Left red hair) Kobhe Macias (middle) and Sean Ogle enjoy a game of Monopoly.
Paola Trujillo (left) Jena Conley (left red hair) Kobhe Macias (middle) and Sean Ogle enjoy a study break with a game of Monopoly.
The students weren't the only ones hard at work this Labor day weekend. A wasp nest was found under Piedmont's Mayflower Residance hall staircase.
Piedmont College Students weren’t the only ones hard at work this Labor Day weekend. A swarm of wasp were found located at Mayflower Residence Hall left wing staircase.
A shot of Tallulah Falls taken from the bridge.
A shot of Tallulah Falls taken from the bridge.