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Fall Break boy

First laps of the Talladega 500 at the Talladega Superspeedway. in Talladega Alabama. The Busch brother are in the lead upsetting the fans because no one likes Kyle Busch.
Riley Green preforming in the infield the night before the Talladega 500. I don’t know who he is but he sounded nice.
Junior Garrett Stafford’s finished page and word count for his annotated bibliography for Tingle’s Media Theory class. Most fun assignment Stafford had ever had, loved doing the same thing 20 times in a row for countless hours.

Sports Pics

Junior Midfielder Jose Linares taking a penalty kick right before half time.
Junior Goalie Cameron Verona diving for a kick on goal. The ball ended up going wide right.
Freshman Forward Jared Williams driving down the field.
(Left) 13 Senior Devin Haupt, Freshman 98 Mandy Weinhart, (Middle) 32 Abby Judge,
10 Anya Olsen, and (Right) Cassie Kurt, all celebrating after a goal.

Event Photos

Junior Joey Brovont nervously playing in the first round of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament
The crowd at the Smash Bros Tournament eagerly watching on.
Noah Irwin (left), Justin Wolf, Mac Tinius, and Connor Moranos (Right) fighting against each other.

Labor Day Prompt

A shot of Tallulah Falls on labor day.
The suspension bridge at Tallulah Fall park.
Dr. Tingle’s Media Theory class getting ready for another exiting day of learning about theories. (Left) Nathan Blackburn, Zach Morgan, Alyssa Gibson, Nate Roys, and Joey Brovont. Totally not taken an hour before class.

Photo Exercise 1

Junior Mass Communication Major Christian Castro enjoying a nice Wednesday afternoon on Swanson Bridge.
Piedmont student walking up to Stewart Hall.
Sophomore Cole Elrod walking through the quad at Piedmont College.
An inspiring flower found outside the Piedmont College library.
Piedmont walking bridge that’s undoubtedly the most defining quality of Piedmont College.

Prompt 2

Homework more like Teamwork

Luis Dunn and Kaden O’Steen working on geology homework Saturday morning in Ipswich

Cross Country Swim Team?

Connor Creedon at the cross country swim practice Saturday. This practice was held at the Ruby C. Fulbright Aquatic center near Piedmont college. The team swims on the weekends give their body’s recovery from a full week of running.